obtainable in a sentence

Similar results are believed obtainable using communications satellites.

PC offers much more computer software obtainable .

What billing code guides are obtainable and essential?

That is much more metal than previously thought obtainable .

When innocent dreams of fame still seem obtainable .

Instead it utilised materials less costly and more readily obtainable .

These buses are obtainable for all many situations.

Per capita personal income information is obtainable at the county level.

Between these limits all qualities are obtainable .

The accurate borders for these are easily obtainable .

Volunteer service is usually obtainable for these duties.

The materials suggested are easily obtainable , at minimal expense.

Fresh food – not really obtainable locally.

Some Pokémon mini games were obtainable in-game.

The maximum obtainable character level is 9999.

It unlocks 3 items that otherwise were obtainable via normal gameplay .

Understand writing additional concerning how obtainable inside a number of.

His books are obtainable from bookstores and libraries throughout the world.

All three are out of print but readily obtainable .

Even the 3 percent that is freshwater is not easily obtainable .

The goals should be aggressive, but yet obtainable .

Good quality pitch pine was not obtainable in the lengths required.

The sharpness obtainable at a given speed can increase dramatically.

The games were obtainable as early as October 11.

Frozen is acceptable if fresh vegetables or meat are not obtainable .