Obstreperous in a sentence

Use Obstreperous in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective]noisy and refusing to do things somebody wants;

Cooper possessed an obstreperous personality, cultivating quarrels as much as friends.

Will North Korea continue to be obstreperous and hold out for payoffs every step of the way to denuclearization?

It is really hard to deal with an obstreperous Iran.

They were, in short, strong and healthy, illnatured and obstreperous.

The club is very glad that it can now get rid of an obstreperous and irritating member.

When boys became obstreperous and refused to respect the authority of their teachers, it can be a tough time for the teachers.

He had appeared one day in the company of the department’s most obstreperous teaching assistant.

The few students who started out to be cute or obstreperous were either ignored or their actions so resented by their classmates that they eventually ” fell into line.

Mr Obama ‘s administration , meanwhile , has been shackled by an unusually obstreperous legislature .