Obsolete in a sentence

Use Obsolete in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective] no longer useful due to something new;

Such tools are, in short, obsolete in today’s dynamic digital age.

Tape cassettes have been rendered virtually obsolete by CDs.

The massive radar and huge then state of the art computers quickly became obsolete.

Super TV was popular until many issues rendered it obsolete in 1986.

Frankincense is considered obsolete because we’ve forgotten how to use it.

Throughout history, he adds, progress has always made certain jobs obsolete.

Analog sequencers were eventually made obsolete by digital sequencers.

Many war planners believed that the tank was obsolete, now that nuclear weapons were on the scene.

The glass screens were made obsolete by high-contrast films where the halftone dots were exposed with the separation film.

Because of frequent changes in tax law, information provided here may be obsolete.

Many obsolete shipping and warehousing facilities were demolished.