Obsession in a sentence

Use Obsession in a sentence


Meaning: [ noun ]an extreme interest in something or worry about something keeping them from thinking about anything else;

In the film, the father Alain starts a relentless search for his daughter that becomes an obsession.

His destructive fantasy was now becoming an obsession.

Nami is depicted as an intelligent girl who has an obsession of obtaining money.

My sister-in-law had an obsession with Leonard DiCaprio, and wrote him letters and tried to phone him.

My son’s hobby of collecting Pokemon cards has become an obsession that regularly costs him his entire weekly allowance.

He has a slight obsession with prairie dogs.

Baseball in Venezuela is almost a national obsession, with stadiums and teams in every town.

He has an obsession for country western music.

Bike racing has always been a European obsession.

How technology is affecting the young has become a national obsession.

He grew up on the southern edge of Harlem with a lifelong obsession with hip-hop.