Obsequious in a sentence

Use Obsequious in a sentence

Obsequious ;

Meaning: [adjective] servile; submissive; eager to agree with powerful people;

Mr Prank has an obsequious attitude towards Barney whom he frequently addresses as “Mr Barney, Sir.”

It’s got to be sincere , not obsequious .

She loved her husband much , and was so obsequious to him that he had entire confidence in her.

The author begins with a declaration that he will be ” obsequious ” and dutiful to the ” Youth “.

She’s trying to be hospitable, even faintly obsequious, treating us like patients.

Sometimes letters can also sound offensive or obsequious without the buyers’ realizing it.

I squared my shoulders, reciting in my most obsequious tone: ” It’s best to remain silent whenever possible and to always keep your eyes lowered when spoken to.