obliterated in a sentence

This terror network has been effectively obliterated .

Winter storms swiftly obliterated his expensive engineering structures.

A snow storm had obliterated her tracks.

Those near the ignition point are obliterated .

A heavy bank of snow obliterated contours .

Her work had obliterated these foundational comforts.

The fighting would not stop until either side was obliterated .

The intensifying tornado first obliterated a pine tree forest plantation.

Several were completely obliterated and turned into parks.

The settlement was completely obliterated by the tsunami.

There is a brain that looks obliterated .

It may have already obliterated a world.

It was sufficient that his old identity was obliterated .

Ultimately however, the division was obliterated .

The signals were obliterated by heating and freezing the solutions.

The rest was obliterated by buildings and private and public gardens.