Oblique in a sentence

Use Oblique in a sentence

Oblique ;

Meaning: [adjective ] expressed in an indirect way; not looking or aiming at something directly;

Our relations to each other are oblique and casual.

Her oblique, intriguing comments drive the narrative crazy.

She was defending herself, too, but her approach was oblique.

It was an oblique glance, not wanting us to realize he was curious.

References to the cyber-attacks have been brief and oblique.

He remained oblique in his statements at a joint news conference.

You have an oblique sense of humor.

It was an oblique way of asking a question almost never directly asked, and still an edgy issue in some backward parts of the world.

Penny always spoke in this antique, oblique fashion, and often Jill didn’t understand.

And you made some oblique references towards your opponent, mr. Hutchinson, about the fact that you never really said it outright, but he got divorced.