Obdurate in a sentence

Use Obdurate in a sentence

Obdurate ;

Meaning: [adjective] obstinate; very determined not to change his beliefs or actions;

Although obdurate in nature, she is actually very kind-hearted.

He met her gaze, his face hard and obdurate and determined.

I argued this point with him, but he was obdurate and never changed his idea on the matter.

To avoid further childishness Leonora took refuge in stony, obdurate silence.

He is best remembered for his obdurate defensive batting, especially in matches against Australia.

Their parliament is obdurate and despite the voter ‘s cries won’t repeal this gutting of their personal freedom.

French forces elsewhere remained obdurate despite their defeats.

Everybody accepted the change, but only Thomson remained obdurate.

Kirchner ‘s obdurate handling of the referendum issue was criticized by the Argentinian columnist Andres Oppenheimer.

Metternich long remained obdurate , but the danger of war in 1840 obliged him to give way.