nylon in a sentence

Nylon is less absorbent than wool or cotton.

Nylon fibers are stronger than steel wire.

A nylon thread is stronger than a steel wire of identical weight.

Canvas tents for camping have been replaced by lighter, nylon models.

Soft wool is more expensive than coarse wool and both are superior to synthetics made of nylon.

Customers have access to materials like ballistic nylon and leather.

Sheriff Keith Wood says the woman had a nylon stocking over her head and showed a gun.

Made from recycled nylon and spandex, it was designed by Stella McCartney and made by Adidas.

nylon counts Chloe Sevigny, Kate Bosworth, Dame Edna Everage as some of his celebrity clients.

But who’s this vision in company-issue nylon getting you on the next flight at no extra charge?

The Inoue balloon is made of nylon and rubber micromesh.

The suture used to reattach blood vessels is made of nylon.

Duralumon and nylon are secretly Satanists who are in his service.

From each gate hung a flag-shaped piece of saffron-colored nylon fabric.

The Bren Ten standard grips are made by Hogue from black textured nylon.

Metal with nylon coated and electro-plated prevent oxidation and rusting.

Later in the war, American soldiers became a source of the new nylon stockings.

The structure of two-inch nylon mesh is supported by a system of cables and poles.

392995 They have a living area and one or more cotton/nylon/polyester inner tents.

nylon frames are usually used in sports because they are lightweight and flexible.