Nuzzle in a sentence

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Nuzzle sentences

Meaning: [verb] Move or arrange yourself in a comfortable and nice position;Rub noses;
The cat nuzzles his head against the child.

He paws at me, licks me, nuzzles me and I talk back.

His cold nose nuzzled Bessie’s warm, fragrant neck.

Rex nuzzled close to Laura’s ear.

Jay took a deep breath and nuzzled Lucy’s neck.

George nuzzled his nose into a glass of port.

She woke once, nuzzled in to him.

He started to nuzzle her neck, but Juliet pulled away.

The puppies play together, nuzzle one another, and are extremely affectionate.

Blazer put down his head and nuzzled at her coat pocket.


Does the horse come to investigate and give a friendly nuzzle?