Noxious in a sentence

Use Noxious in a sentence

Noxious ;

Meaning: [adjective] harmful; poisonous; deadly ;

You could smell the noxious fumes, she said.

In the meantime, Porter Ranch residents remain furious about the noxious gas.

The political effects of the Electoral College are noxious for everyone involved.

It says his co-workers rushed to help him but were overcome by the noxious gasses.

Shoppers were usually greeted with overbearingly loud music and the noxious smell of cologne.

Racial slurs, sexist insults, personal attacks, and threatening behavior all mix together in a noxious stew of pure hate.

He pleads guilty to a lesser charge of administering a noxious substance, receives a suspended sentence and loses his nursing licence.

While not considered lethal, the noxious substance can cause a burning sensation in the eyes and skin, severe coughing and temporary blindness.

Last August, noxious algae forced Toledo and Southern Michigan to turn off the drinking water, leaving 400,000 people to suck on bottled beverages.

The committee funds projects such as habitat and watershed restoration, road and trail maintenance, noxious weed removal and hazardous fuel reduction.