noticeably in a sentence

Her body fat % has dropped noticeably .

Her hand and arm shook very noticeably .

The skin looks and feels noticeably softer.

Central planning has a noticeably low profile.

His exercise tolerance had decreased noticeably for six months.

Another characteristic symptom is their noticeably bad breath.

The big screen has never been noticeably kind to rock stars.

The difference within her was noticeably profound.

One thing was noticeably missing–the pain!

A study has shown that 1000 fonts impacts startup times noticeably .

Christian was noticeably cheered during these segments.

The climate varies noticeably across the island.

That noticeably large ball is actually an antenna.

In ten million years will seem noticeably smaller .

In practice the jet is noticeably powerful .

Psycho is noticeably bare of visually interesting objects.

My comfortable walking pace is still noticeably slower than normal.

My hair feels noticeably softer and more blue.

A couple inches down it is noticeably cooler.

I felt noticeably better in four days.

Consumer confidence has weakened noticeably since the last report.

Within ten days I was noticeably better.

In both instances, stem cell function was noticeably impaired.