notebook in a sentence

I want a notebook.

He took a notebook out.

I lost my notebook today.

I will give you a notebook.

My notebook is in the desk.

He wrote it down in his notebook.

I sat down and opened my notebook.

I mistook a notebook for a textbook.

It was his notebook that was stolen.

He wrote down her name in the notebook.

Would you write your name in my notebook?

He put down his thoughts in his notebook.

She wrote down something in her notebook.

He was busy copying his friend’s notebook.

The policeman wrote it down in his notebook.

The old man saw my notebook and smiled at me.

Bring my notebook back to me, please.

He copied his friend’s notebook with precision.

Always bring your notebook to my class, will you?

Put your name on the notebook in case you forget it.

Now notebook computers are as common as lunch boxes.

She transferred the picture in the book to her notebook.

I borrowed the notebook PC from the junior staff member.

Will Apple’s new model notebook be announced on schedule?

At first I tried to write everything down in my notebook.