Not surprisingly in a sentence

Not surprisingly research on different places produced conflicting results.

Not surprisingly an overwhelming majority votes yes.

Not surprisingly wind power is regarded as having considerable potential.

Not surprisingly his narratives are sometimes unquestionably biased.

Not surprisingly these are basic cellular pathways.

Not surprisingly those beauties are rarely heard from again.

Not surprisingly few shoppers supported his cause.

Not surprisingly few shoppers supported our cause .

Not surprisingly , running has slowed cardiovascular deaths.

Not surprisingly , such experiments are rare!

Not surprisingly , federal budget deficits grew.

Not surprisingly , such policies had costs.

Not surprisingly , targets were rarely met.

Not surprisingly , many experts are advising caution.

Not surprisingly , domestic oil consumption almost doubled.

Not surprisingly , underwriting results deteriorated rapidly.

Not surprisingly there was a collective explosion.

Not surprisingly the shock brings on premature labour.

The longer established services have already been through changes Not surprisingly .

Not surprisingly she did very well indeed.

Not surprisingly this is a highly contentious proposition.

Not surprisingly he makes the odd enemy.

Not surprisingly there has been some changes .

Not surprisingly , different people count differently.

Not surprisingly , the mother was furious.