northwards in a sentence

Thus cozy labelling northwards relatively enter appetite.

The airfield traffic pattern is flown either northwards or southwards.

The next morning we set off northwards .

The track runs generally northwards , mainly alongside hedges.

A ridge extends northwards with narrow fertile valleys on either side.

It then slowly headed northwards and gradually weakened.

A bold suggestion to attack northwards across the river was rejected.

The ship was moving northwards with the ice.

They walked northwards , towards the town centre.

Cook continued northwards , charting along the coastline.

A project to extend the line northwards began in 2007.

The second extension was to build northwards into Canada.

It large remnant circulation continued northwards and eventually passed over California.

It becomes progressively cold as one moves northwards to higher altitudes.

We were gently circling northwards now, heading for home.

M. From outside the churchyard, continue northwards .

The “Fortune” now headed northwards towards Newfoundland.

Further heavy snowfalls occurred as the milder air pushed northwards .

Most of the county’s rivers flow either southwards or northwards .

This was their original home, but they migrated northwards .

Large numbers of slaves were also taken northwards across the Sahara .

This bridge was used by the steam railway northwards to Ramsey.

On 17 August the Germans started to withdraw northwards .

The General Cemetery again expanded in the 1890s northwards .