Northerner in a sentence

Along the way he served as a mentor and employer to many Northerners.

Stay Connected with CBC News Truth and Reconciliation: What does it mean to Northerners?

Pruden says “Buddy,” while maybe not the most original of names, speaks volumes about Northerners.

Among Canadians, that percentage stands at 36 per cent in the south and 30 per cent among Northerners.

“We want to have an open dialogue, a frank discussion among Northerners, and industry, and government.

Northerners and southerners many times settled in close proximity.

Aerin continues back to find the kingdom losing to the Northerners.

You are in good esteem of the Northerners and your valor is well-known there.

Spies paid by the Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission kept track of all Northerners and activists.