nonfiction in a sentence

I find nonfiction harder mechanically and fiction more difficult emotionally.

There are fiction and nonfiction manga about every subject.

Applicants should have expertise in creative nonfiction .

Are only nonfiction article writers at risk?

Awards for creative nonfiction and short fiction.

These are nonfiction shows and they are hugely popular.

He wrote a true masterpiece of creative nonfiction .

The hotel has occasionally also appeared in nonfiction .

nonfiction chanting is like a dramatic story.

These experiences were the basis of numerous nonfiction works.

The work process is totally different from writing nonfiction .

Christian materials; more fiction than nonfiction .

Since orthodox Buddhism prohibited fiction , many historical works are nonfiction .

That means a lot of nonfiction in many different areas.

An outstanding book from an award-winning nonfiction writer.

An exhilarating workout for writers of narrative fiction or nonfiction .

Every film is a documentary, fiction or nonfiction .

They know the American public loves nonfiction storytelling.

By doing nothing, you arrange the nonfiction quo.

She is the author of 24 fiction and nonfiction titles.

The new nonfiction where sometimes taken for advocacy of subjective journalism.

Sarah is also a subject discussed in nonfiction books.

Rand’s nonfiction received far fewer reviews than her novels had.

Writing nonfiction represents a big step for most students.

Kristin’s comments: A great nonfiction read.