non-native in a sentence

Introduced species are essentially ” non-native ” species.

There are extensive plantations of non-native pine trees.

The marine environment is host to numerous non-native species.

The treatment of non-native animals was inconsistent.

Not all non-native species are considered invasive.

The letters show sign of non-native usage.

There are numerous ports of non-native software.

Native and non-native teachers have different talents.

This is difficult for non-native speakers to imitate.

Introduction of non-native species has occurred in many habitats.

Three other non-native men witnessed the signing.

Numerous non-native plant species have also been introduced.

Loans from contact languages often allow other non-native phonemes.

Recent efforts have focused on removing non-native plant species.

Often times, invasions by non-native species prove costly.

Listening material includes native and non-native spoken English.