nominee in a sentence

Her daughter Maeva became the sole nominee of the week.

In effect, the three nominees were saved from eviction.

Chef told Chris that he agrees with those nominees 110%.

Oregon is the only school to have more than two nominees.

She had even been a nominee for their Real Turner Prize Show.

As Head of Household Kostas nominated the other nominee Louis.

2008 Teen Choice Awards winners and nominees Los Angeles Times.

Jackson subsequently became an actor and Academy Award nominee.

Judy Nerat is a Menominee County Road Commissioner from Wallace.

A “self-directed” RRSP (SDRSP) is special kind of nominee account.

The way the system works is that the delegates choose the nominee.”

The Democratic nominees were Senators Barack Obama and Joseph Biden.

Abbott, 14 The Interrex then formally declared the nominee to be king.

He received the second most “no” votes of any attorney general nominee.

The other nominee was Olsi, but he was considered too unlikely to leave.

Local nominees are then sent to statewide screening interviews/auditions.

After struggling to come up with two nominees, Andrea selected LA and Coi.

Nobel nominee In 1970, he was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature.