Nomad in a sentence

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[noun] a member of a tribe who goes from place to place instead of living in one place permenantly;

These people were nomads, and they moved their camps from season to season and lived by hunting, fishing and gathering.

These nomads relied exclusively on the food produced by cattle, sheep and goats.

A nomad in the Gobi, for example, would rear his camels, and take the wool to the nearest sum.

He was a nomad, a warrior without a home, traveling with his family from city to city doing what they did best, surviving.

The nomads of Somalia share a way of life that is governed by the ruthless Somali desert.

Horse racing has been popular in England since Roman times, and can be traced back to Central Asia among prehistoric nomads.

Because they were nomads and did not cultivate the soil they had to obtain grain by barter with settled people.

Some of the tribes were agricultural people, but the majority were nomads.

These nomads made their temporary homes amongst the numerous caves.