no room for in a sentence

There is no room for sentiment in football.

That leaves no room for any exception.

There is no room for new generation.

There is no room for saying it was incomplete.

There’s simply no room for mercy.

There is no room for prejudice or bigotry here.

This is where there is no room for argument.

There’s no room for such creation!

There is just no room for discussion.

There was no room for an outsider.

There is no room for qualitative judgment in science.

There is no room for compromise or surrender.

This leaves no room for a middle class.

Is there no room for individualism here?

There ‘s no room for anything else.

There was no room for any more deadly mistakes.

Who says there is no room for sentiment ?

no room for half fit no matter what .

That means little to no room for injury replacements .

There was no room for a dancer anymore.