nineteenth in a sentence

The nineteenth stage featured three categorized climbs.

A fine nineteenth century calf gilt binding.

The solution has outgoing intended nineteenth teachers.

A huge revolution was taking place during the nineteenth century.

The collection of nineteenth prints is considerable though.

nineteenth general grand classes seen during this textbook.

Japan underwent momentous changes during the nineteenth century.

This process continued during the nineteenth century.

Neither became nation states until the nineteenth century.

He started nineteenth and finished 39th.

Several nineteenth century books are kept in specialist libraries.

Growth during the nineteenth century was rapid.

In the nineteenth century such arrests were almost unknown.

The nineteenth ground of error is overruled.

This whole system was fully operational until the late nineteenth century.

Here is an intriguing reversal of nineteenth century imperialism.

This image was drawn after a nineteenth century stained glass window.

Significant developments were taking place in the early nineteenth century.