Niche in a sentence

Use Niche in a sentence

Niche ;

[noun] A job, position or activity particularly well suited to the person who has it;

Sandra soon found her niche at the golf club.

Tom managed to create a niche for himself in school management.

On a quest for quality and luxury goods, furs are finding a niche in the market again.

After much practice and determination, I have not only overcome my anxiety, but I have found my niche in public speaking.

My daughter carved out a niche for herself as a news reporter.

Today I’m carving out a fragile sense of freedom and finding my niche as a 28-year-old African-American woman in the postcollege world.

Ettinger has carved out a niche in the auction world by marketing to the broad public rather than to specialist collectors.

The market is becoming more niche oriented, more specialized.

What they have done is find a little niche in the market.