New York in a sentence

I read the New York Times.

I lost my way in New York.

They set out for New York.

My uncle lives in New York.

Was he in New York yesterday?

I’d like to live in New York.

He knows New York inside out.

She has visited New York once.

I lived in New York last year.

He has a business in New York.

He went to New York on Monday.

I know every inch of New York.

I would like to visit New York.

I flew from London to New York.

We arrived in New York at night.

He went to New York on business.

He left for New York a week ago.

I will go to New York next week.

He went to New York by airplane.

I was in New York for a few days.

He leaves for New York next week.

It is an exciting city, New York.

He will go to New York next month.

The plane is approaching New York.

The plane didn’t stop at New York.