neighboring countries in a sentence

We should keep up friendly relations with neighboring countries.

China is working to improve relations with neighboring countries.

The fact that labor costs are lower in neighboring countries puts us at a real disadvantage.

For much of their history, Romanians have lived in the shadow of stronger neighboring countries.

The government has urged all citizens to prepare themselves in case hostilities break out with neighboring countries.

Radiation which escaped from the nuclear power plant as a result of an accident has drifted into neighboring countries.

There is growing fear now that the conflict could spread outside the boundaries of the old Yugoslavia, and into neighboring countries.

The leader of the military coup is hoping for recognition as the official head of state by neighboring countries in order to legitimize his position.

International observers worry that the violence that has plagued Colombia for the last 40 years may eventually spill over its borders into neighboring countries.

The units are already on sale in neighboring countries and Australia.

390901 It has carried out many attacks in Somalia and in neighboring countries.

If anything, it has expanded into the neighboring countries of Kenya and Uganda.

Several neighboring countries condemned what they consider to have been a “coup.”

And in recent months, Boko Haram has increasingly lashed out into neighboring countries.

Of the total $8.4 billion needed, $5.5 billion is for refugees in neighboring countries.

Many have sought refuge in neighboring countries, while others have tried to cross into Europe.

Most neighboring countries have modernized their economies and eliminated their dependency on oil.

Unicef: Delivers vaccines, winter clothes and food for children in Syria and neighboring countries.

Syrian schools, which were once envied by neighboring countries, have become hotbeds for bloodshed.

The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) says more than 100,000 people have now fled to neighboring countries.

900600 We, as the EU, would never accept this approach in Syria’s neighboring countries,”” he said.”