Negotiation: in a sentence

The negotiation is off.

The negotiation ended in failure.

They succeeded in the negotiation.

The negotiations made little progress.

He took great pains in the negotiation.

We have been watching your negotiations.

We have to set the scene for negotiations.

We continued negotiations with the company.

We held many negotiations but to no purpose.

We have agreed to continue the negotiations.

The negotiation has entered upon a new phase.

The negotiations stepped into a crucial phase.

The negotiations are at a very delicate stage.

A breakdown in the negotiations will mean war.

The trade negotiations are still up in the air.

Both countries entered into peace negotiations.

I blame him for our failure in the negotiations.

The negotiation has entered upon a serious phase.

Threats of retaliation are blocking negotiations.

I am not sanguine that the negotiations will succeed.

He commented on his unsuccessful business negotiation.

I wouldn’t have him on the other side in a negotiation.

We are quite pleased with the outcome of the negotiations.

In labor negotiation union leaders play an important role.

We decided not to have peace negotiations with the invaders.