needlessly in a sentence

Drinking and driving is sheer stupidity, and it puts others needlessly at risk.

Other skeptics of climate hacking worry it will needlessly lengthen human reliance on fossil fuels.

Rousey, however, recognizes that needlessly trading quotes with Mayweather is counterproductive.

That way we need not needlessly thwart the enormous promise that fetal tissue research holds for human health.

Denying these important protections to committed couples is not simply unjust, it is needlessly cruel.

Every year we delay could needlessly sacrifice tens of thousands to the world’s biggest cancer killer.

Mr Olm is a moron and needlessly caused the death of this young man.

Not to needlessly kill people using banned maneuvers that their employer insists they not use.

They also claim police were called needlessly when Leal preached at an after-school function.

Thus, if 9.6 million people lose their insurance, between 4,800 and 8,600 of them would die needlessly every year.

We must ensure that no more young lives are needlessly sacrificed.

According to the World Bank, the rate structure is needlessly complex for both volumetric rates and connection fees.

Overall, this is needlessly polished nonsense: not awful; just toothless, gutless and bloodless.”

Prosecutors have said the tank conditions “put an entire population needlessly at risk.”

The mutinous sailors had no intention of being needlessly sacrificed in the last moment of the war.