needless death in a sentence

Use “needless  death” in a sentence

needless + death
1 We mourn the needless death of civil servants .

2 That is a blueprint for anarchy and needless deaths .

3 But years of gaol and needless deaths and hardship bred cynicism.

4 He needs to express complete horror at the needless death of Lane .

5 Many poverty stricken populations, notably in sub-Saharan Africa, suffer needless deaths from Malaria, AIDS and Polio.

6 We wonder what we could have done to prevent this needless death .

7 Which would mean further violence, needless deaths and more hardship in the region.

8 Prouty said such meddling and convoluted efforts at fighting communism resulted in the needless deaths of American servicemen.

9 Instead of being bystanders to needless death and suffering , Canadians could have been part of the solution.

10 Auda finds his body in the ensuing wreckage and is overcome with remorse at all the needless deaths .

11 If you ban the doctors , then 200,000 American citizens would not have to die a needless death .

12 The day’s media coverage was not accompanied by a torrent of media reporting about ‘ needless deaths ‘.