Nearby | in a sentence

They live nearby.

He turned to a tall woman nearby.

They were told to play in the nearby park.

We took refuge from the storm in a nearby barn.

My father often goes fishing in the river nearby.

He pulled the wounded soldier to the nearby bush.

The woman claimed she had seen a UFO land in a nearby field.

The volcano caused catastrophic damage to the villages nearby.

Due to the heavy rains, the river overflowed and swamped a nearby campsite.

When Yoko and I heard the sirens stop nearby, we quickly decided to go check it out.

Cindy has a radar detector in her car that warns her if there is a police car nearby.

It was fortunate that he was taken to a nearby hospital right away after the accident.

Two police officers tried to restrain him, but he broke away and ran into a nearby house.

The wedding will be held at 3:00, and the reception will start at 5:00 at a nearby restaurant.

The river has been contaminated with waste from a large-scale farming operation located nearby.

Each of the main colonial cities of El Salvador has a nearby volcano bearing the name of the town.

If you frequently spitup blood you should call an ambulance or have a nearby physician make a house call.

Over a dozen villagers have been killed and eaten by a strange unknown beast living in the nearby forest.

Because Afghanistan is far from the ocean and sea, no nearby bodies of water exist to moderate its climate.

One promising long-term project for East Timor’s economy is the development of oil resources in nearby waters.

Firefighters fear that if the wind changes direction, it could blow the fire in the direction of a nearby town.

The dead soldiers were quickly buried, and the wounded were taken out by helicopter to a nearby field hospital.

There are hills and mountains throughout Scotland, and even in the cities one can catch glimpses of nearby hills.

It was a pity that we didn’t take our bathing suits because there was a lake nearby where we could have gone swimming.

The east coast of Mozambique, and the west coast of the nearby island of Madagascar look as if they could fit together like puzzle pieces.