NCAA in a sentence

His total NCAA tournament postseason record is 20–19.

Both players are NCAA college hockey players .

Both schools making their inaugural NCAA tournament appearance suffered quick elimination.

His teams earned four consecutive NCAA selections from 1974–77.

The game is the longest NCAA ice hockey game ever played.

Conference schools have won 30 total NCAA titles.

His 2009 team captured the NCAA title.

The NCAA has earned billions from broadcast revenues annually.

The course has also hosted multiple NCAA national championship meets.

The NCAA took down player jersey sales immediately following the incident.

The NCAA is bad and needs changed.

There are lawsuits pending against the NCAA .

The NCAA began seeding teams in 1979 .

Most NCAA member schools already perform baseline tests to athletes .

The 2013 NCAA Tournament is officially here!

The WAC has claimed seven NCAA baseball national championships.

The main NCAA is constantly on the chat much more supports.

Today the NCAA also released national statistics.

Rogers is the NCAA active career wins leader with 126.

He set the NCAA career sack record with 52.

Her strong performance continued in the NCAA tournament.

The NCAA began calculating points to determine consensus in 1984.

They became an NCAA competitive team in 1970–71.

They finished tenth in the 2011 NCAA championships.