naval vessel in a sentence

Standard missiles are capable of attacking naval vessels .

naval vessels were also routinely used as prison ships.

There have been many types of naval vessel .

His boat was intercepted by Singapore naval vessels .

Disputing claimants regularly report clashes between naval vessels .

It recommended removal of the marine ship guard from naval vessels .

Its passengers stated that several Israeli naval vessels approached their boat.

It was used as a garrison to support naval vessels .

The type will operate from both naval vessels and land bases.

naval vessels are those used by a navy for military purposes.

The fleet was composed of British Commonwealth naval vessels .

British naval vessels were given the right to search suspected slavers.

No fire would be directed against the American naval vessels .

France also sends naval vessels to the Gulf.

It was rescued by the Argentinian naval vessel “Uruguay”.

India dispatched three naval vessels on Dec. 17 to provide logistical support.

The “Sfendoni” attempted to evade Israeli naval vessels .

Historically, this marked the first naval vessel equipped with radar.

Rendel introduced the cruiser as a naval vessel .

Chinese, British and Australian naval vessels are also involved.