— Natural resource — in a sentence

Japan is poor in <strong>natural resource</strong>s.<br><br>
China is rich in <strong>natural resource</strong>s.<br><br>
<strong>natural resource</strong>s are not limitless.<br><br>
Japan is not rich in <strong>natural resource</strong>s.<br><br>
Nigeria is wealthy in <strong>natural resource</strong>s.<br><br>
We have consumed all the <strong>natural resource</strong>s.<br><br>
Japan is not abundant in <strong>natural resource</strong>s.<br><br>
<strong>natural resource</strong>s are not abundant in Japan.<br><br>
Water is a <strong>natural resource</strong> of vital importance.<br><br>
It’s a shame the way <strong>natural resource</strong>s are wasted.<br><br>
The United States is abundant in <strong>natural resource</strong>s.<br><br>
Uruguay’s principal <strong>natural resource</strong> is its rich, black soil.<br><br>
Water, forests, and minerals are important <strong>natural resource</strong>s.<br><br>
Russia’s <strong>natural resource</strong>s are the envy of many countries around the globe.<br><br>
There are not many countries in the world that abound in <strong>natural resource</strong>s.<br><br>
There is a serious scarcity of <strong>natural resource</strong>s in many areas of the world.<br><br>
The beaver was Canada’s first <strong>natural resource</strong> to be exploited by the Europeans.<br><br>
If we continue to deplete our <strong>natural resource</strong>s, our children will pay the price.<br><br>
With abundant <strong>natural resource</strong>s, the country has ample potential for development.<br><br>
Many economic problems in the region stem from the depletion of <strong>natural resource</strong>s.<br><br>
Discussion question: What must be done to stop the depletion of our <strong>natural resource</strong>s? deport
During the period of the Old Kingdom, Egypt raided Nubia for slaves and <strong>natural resource</strong>s.<br><br>
Mankind’s consumption of the Earth’s <strong>natural resource</strong>s is proceeding at an incredible rate.<br><br>
Industrial growth in Panama has been restricted by the country’s lack of <strong>natural resource</strong>s.<br><br>
Canada is a country which is rich in <strong>natural resource</strong>s such as lumber, fish, and clean water.<br><br>