mysteriously in a sentence

She has beautiful, full lips, and mysteriously seductive eyes.

The explorers died mysteriously after entering the sacred tombs of the ancient Pharaohs.

Many ships and planes have disappeared mysteriously in the area of the Caribbean known as the Bermuda Triangle.

A number of ships and planes are reported to have mysteriously disappeared after entering the area known as the Bermuda Triangle.

There have been widespread claims of cheating in the election process, with suggestions that ballots from some areas mysteriously disappeared, and that people in other areas were able to vote more than once.

Marks had a great sophomore campaign, then was mysteriously redshirted last season.

Lynch is getting to that age when running backs mysteriously, but almost inevitably, recede.

Mr. H also guided us through the expansive kitchen-“They filmed in here,” he said mysteriously.

646594 Starting about a decade ago, colonies of European honeybees began to mysteriously decline.

Things disappear from drawers, mysteriously topple off shelves, and somehow wind up in the toilet.

• Three minutes after the radio call, the plane’s two transponders mysteriously cease transmitting.

Ezra and Lopatin become friends and start working together on music, but Ezra mysteriously vanishes.