municipality in a sentence

And municipalities save money through water conservation.

The municipality has three main archeological sites.

All four neighboring municipalities contain extensive rural areas despite recent urbanization.

The next effective governmental level below state government are municipalities .

The municipality operates eight public swimming pools.

Both founding date trends are rewarded at inverse municipalities .

States and municipalities are facing gaping budget gaps.

Each municipality has different rules regarding this.

The tourist region has 42 municipalities and 7 union territories.

Electricity was cut for almost whole municipality .

Five municipalities pay nothing to elected officials.

Local municipality regulations can affect project schedule.

There are three distinct vegetation types within the municipality .

The counties were further divided into municipalities .

The municipality has 978 commercial enterprises in 88 concentrations.

The district municipalities are further subdivided into 226 local municipalities.

The district municipalities are further subdivided into 226 local municipalities .

It has provided scheduled bus service throughout the municipality since 2005.

The municipality has 40 km of beaches.

The municipality is subdivided into four parts.