mundane || in a sentence

It’s a calling that invokes more than the mundane; it raises the stakes.

Times New Roman was labeled as respectable, but unadventurous and mundane.

The violence was senseless given how mundane the stop was, Armstrong said.

Two states, many questions It was a mundane traffic stop on Valentine’s Day.

Even simple, mundane tasks like going to the grocery store remain a challenge.

Android is a lot more mundane, with suggestions including email, heart, and help.

Barnett has an appreciation for the mundane, or at least the people stuck within it.

940801 Who am I?”” can be answered in so many ways from the profound to the mundane.”

But his somewhat prickly response to a mundane, if grating, question has now gone viral.

Despite its mundane setting, there was always something universal lurking in its margins.

However, surroundings can also trap us, become mundane and make us feel awash in sameness.