multitude in a sentence

They are faced with a multitude of stresses.

He observed, “I have many times asked myself whether there can be more potent advocates of peace upon earth through the years to come than this massed multitude of silent witnesses to the desolation of war.

As soon as we hit post”” we are influencing a multitude of people.”

Actually we see that students care about a multitude of different issues.”

At the collegiate level, there’s a multitude of combinations,” Shafer said.

The fishy school comes from the old German word schole, meaning a troop or multitude.

I’d never seen that footage before in the ending of Sniper with the multitudes of people.

multitude of other options: There’s no shortage of features when it comes to this application.

The show of solidarity with Paris and the satirical newspaper went viral in a multitude of languages.