much more heavily in a sentence

Both have powered mills, but the Carrant Brook was much more heavily utilised.

Male homosexual relations are still much more heavily restricted by criminal sanction.

It was one of the fastest aircraft when it flew in the late 1930s, and was much more heavily armed than any other.

Yet they remain much more heavily taxed than competitor products.

South Korean troops suffered much more heavily during the fight.

This was a much more heavily used section of the canal.

Some pollsters go much more heavily into weighting.

The social emphasis is placed much more heavily on men to receive education.

Add in all sorts of much more heavily used services and products.

Yet, spirits continue to be much more heavily taxed than other alcoholic drinks.

An arrest, as opposed to conviction, relies much more heavily on police discretion.

Both have powered mills, but the Carrant Brook was much more heavily utilised.

These tanks, although slower than the Vickers Lights, were much more heavily armoured.

Skull girls is a much faster game, focused much more heavily on the combos you can perform.