mph in a sentence

The previous fastest time recorded was 45 mph .

The complete system is engineered to handle 75 mph winds.

The peak wind speed was clocked at 58 miles mph .

Slow flying butterflies fly about 5 mph .

The maximum speed through the tunnel is 75 mph .

A pilot is flying at 168 mph .

Rural freeways generally have 70 mph limits.

Their maximum posted speed limit is 55 mph with four exceptions.

Typically the freeway speed limit is 70 mph .

The speed limit for county paved roads is 45 mph .

Boston received 52 mph sustained winds and 74 mph gusts.

Boston received 52 mph sustained winds and 74 mph gusts.

The 70 mph speed limit was made permanent in 1978.

Your vehicle is heading south at 45 mph .

The tornado had reached wind speeds of 93 mph .

His fastball reached 99 mph on radar guns.

The speed limit through this section is 55 mph .

The change helped slow the cars down several mph .