mother figure in a sentence

Eva becomes a role model, much needed mother figure and dearest friend to Delphine.

394081 She was widely described as a mother figure in Malayalam cinema.

As an orphan from a young age, the search for a mother figure is central to his work.

Angie has been described as a mother figure to Charlie, more so than even his own mother, Evelyn.

She is very affectionate and becomes a mother figure for clients.

She is by default the mother figure in Zoey’s life.

Rosie Rosie is a spider and sort of a mother figure to Dim.

She also has a new mother figure in Lindy Harlaown (who later adopts Fate).

She is a skilled swordfighter, but also a mother figure to Leaf, Nanna and Mareeta.

The two eventually reconciled and for years, Gail served as a mother figure to Monica.

The pair’s meetings became more frequent, and Oliver soon came to regard Rebecca as a mother figure.

However later on a motherless Tia looks up to Sonia Ray as a mother figure..while Ashi’s mom also starts doting on Tia much to the ire of Ashi.

The character of Josephina becomes a mother figure to her grandson Beto, whose biological mother Lola has left Buckeye Road to become “Americanized.”