mother abandon in a sentence

Use “mother abandon” in a sentence

mother + abandon ;

mother + abandon
1 This month I rescued another kitten abandoned by her mother .

2 At this point the mother abandons them.

3 To the mother who has abandoned them?

4 Maria was then forced to be abandoned by her mother .

5 It begins with his escape after his mother abandons him.

6 Jonah Hex is abandoned by his mother .

7 Martineau claimed her mother abandoned her to a wet nurse.

8 The mother immediately abandoned her appeal.

9 Simon’s was abandoned by his mother in November, 2009.

10 She is about 1 year old and was abandoned by her mother .

11 He was told by the church that his mother had abandoned him.

12 Nikki later moved in with his grandparents after his mother abandoned him.