Most students in a sentence

Most students are served in their neighborhood school.

Most students are enrolled in a business discipline.

Most students are on a full tuition scholarship.

Most students stay on-campus during the weekends.

Most students are extremely disrespectful, MOST.

Most students preparing for ministry pursue some type of graduate degree.

This is a large surprise to most students .

This is a major surprise to most students .

This is a significant surprise to most students .

This is a huge surprise to most students .

Most students begin their analysis of historical texts by sourcing.

This is regularly reported to occur by most students .

Most students in the club are taking a foreign language.

Most students work full-time in education while taking classes.

Most students live on campus in the residential hostels.

Most students from outside the city are either commuters or renting.

These occupy the summer holidays of most students .

Elite colleges are a long shot for most students .

At first , most students were working professional musicians.

Most students today only have laptops and tablets .

Writing nonfiction represents a big step for most students .

Most students enjoy reading, but dislike having to write.

Most students bring a suitcase or back pack.

The reality is that most students experience it.

Most students needed approximately six months to complete the final exam period.

Rankin said most students had curbed their public demonstration efforts.