mortality in a sentence

And nowhere else did stations suffer such massive mortality .

The infant mortality statistics are equally grim.

No significant mortality difference between decks was observed.

The spring hunting season may impact male mortality rates.

The mortality rate is around 2 per million population.

In contrast cancer mortality overall has changed little.

Infant and child mortality were very high.

One major difference is how infant mortality is calculated.

One copy causes about 20% mortality .

The mortality rate for anorexia is roughly 10 percent.

Japan has the lowest infant mortality rate among wealthy nations.

We observe substandard cure rates and increasing mortality figures.

It is triggered by adverse mortality index.

High infant mortality made such events of doubtful political importance.

Reduced infant mortality and improved maternal health.

Ebola has a high mortality among primates.

More generous family policies correlate with lower infant mortality .

Over the years lung cancer mortality has dramatically increased among women.

The 30% mortality rate among newborns also lowers breeding success.

Associations were strongest for cardiovascular disease mortality .

The tallest men had the lowest mortality .

The relation between height and total mortality has received less attention.

An inverse relation between height and mortality has been suggested.

Their mortality rate is estimated about 40 percent.

The most guarded is infant mortality rate.