morphological in a sentence

This morphological class is called “grazing resistant”.

Even more complex morphological changes are sometimes possible.

The parish geographical and morphological infrastructure was complete.

Two main types of morphological categories are assumed.

Their morphological structure therefore has a substantial simplification.

morphological growth response was observed 4 hours after exposure.

The surviving taxa show morphological trends through the event.

A few species have developed morphological defense mechanisms against predators.

The video confirms on almost every morphological point.

These birds shared morphological traits with both species.

This goes beyond phonology into morphological analysis.

Dictionary authors expect users to perform regular morphological processing themselves.

These phylogenetic studies were supported by morphological data.

Later morphological studies came to conflicting conclusions.

This includes shared genome markers and gross morphological characters.

The general morphological variability had been strongly reduced, however.

Numerous morphological adaptations are therefore situated around reducing transpirational water loss.

Ecological preferences of taxa can vary essentially nearly without morphological changes.

In this case no additional morphological modifications are required.

There are also several other morphological differences.

Cell type – distinct morphological or functional form of cell.

This conclusion was reached by several authors on purely morphological grounds.

PSA expression did not alter molecular and morphological differentiation.

This should be compared to morphological data.