more likely in a sentence

A weakened immune system makes infections more likely .

This is becoming more likely each month.

All these changes are making spills more likely still.

They are more likely to live alone.

The second approach is more likely to prevail.

Although women are more likely to suffer depressive episodes.

Almost seven times more likely to contemplate suicide.

Such bridges are more likely in mid winter.

Such liquidity constraints are more likely to affect small firms.

The latter two discoveries seem more likely .

more likely they both simply appropriated commonly known symbols.

Another more likely function is structural support and stabilization.

Death by boredom is far more likely .

It more likely ate small vertebrates and insects.

Police officers are much more likely to experience interpersonal relationship problems.

But passage is more likely in minority government situations.

Women are more likely to receive reproductive health services.

The more likely risk from trying marijuana is dependence.