Monitor in a sentence

use Monitor in a sentence

monitor ;

[verb] to closely keep an eye on someone; keep soemone under surveillance;

Foreign observers monitoring the election declared it to be fair.

The doctor has been monitoring the patient’s heart to see if there is a possibility of another heart attack.

Environmentalists are monitoring water quality in the area to see if the factory is polluting the river.

The computer program will monitor your progress, and give you a percentage mark when you have finished.

My neighbor has a device which monitors his heart rate while he is out jogging.

It is important for people with diabetes to constantly monitor their insulin levels.

The store is monitored by closed-circuit cameras at all times, in order to discourage shoplifting.

We are monitoring sales to see if our new ad campaign is effective.

[noun] The screen used to display information to the user;

I need to adjust the brightness of my computer monitor, it seems a bit dark.

Don’t sit too close to your computer monitor, the bright light is hard on the eyes.

Your computer monitor should be level with your eyes.