monarch in a sentence

Years were counted from the accession of the reigning monarch.

He is to date the only Siamese monarch to abdicate .

A monarch usually reigns for life or until abdication .

He is an absolute monarch.

The monarch is supposed to attend the funeral.

The longest reigning monarch in Great Britain’s history was King George III.

The monarch butterfly can discern tastes 12,000 times more subtle than those perceivable by human taste buds.

Oscar Wilde once suggested that there is no necessity to separate the monarch from the mob, all authority is equally bad.

Since the time of William the Conquerer, every successive British monarch save two has been crowned at Westminster Abbey.

Maoist rebels in Nepal are fighting to oust King Gyanendra as a result of the monarch‘s recent dismissal of the government.

Most of us learned in school that the Magna Carta was signed in 1215 by King John, but it was not, the monarch could not write his name, and granted the Magna Carta by placing his seal on it.

The British monarch is also technically head of the Anglican Church.

The luxury cruise ship and not the reigning British monarch, that is.

History Opinion: Richard III – the good king A good monarch, or a villain?

But then the monarch Alternative Capital hedge fund apparently got to him.

Ryan Moore is seemingly the British monarch‘s jockey of choice and no wonder.

If there is still deadlock after two months, the monarch calls a new election.

monarch Willem-Alexander turned 48 and the whole country celebrated King’s Day.

Those around her say the British monarch‘s words were about Europe, not the EU.

The medieval monarch succumbed to a fatal blow to the skull more than 500 years ago.

In 2013, he became the oldest “monarch-in-waiting” to the throne in almost 300 years.

The coronation of a new monarch was a celebratory occasion, and reason enough to drink.

530072 One child is never enough for a monarch,”” explains royal historian Kate Williams.”

630263 So DW went to London to find out what the British make of their long-reigning monarch.

It is the 63rd time the Queen has attended a birthday parade, a record unmatched by any monarch.

The crown has passed between the sons of Ibn Saud, Saudi’s first monarch, since his death in 1953.