momentum in a sentence

When a momentum play like Netflix stock sees red flags like this, a pullback is natural.

Things change, momentum changes, and we just have to react to it and play our own game.”

The Middle East is in tumult, and a wave of terrorist threats is gathering new momentum.

Now that momentum has shifted again and all signs point to a strong second half of 2015.

The 52-minute fifth set alone was filled with one apparent momentum swing after another.

“Now, with renewed focus from the government, we expect this segment to gather momentum.”

A Justice Department review has dragged on for 18 months with little mention or momentum.

But momentum swung to Canada on a fatal Finnish mistake in the first minute of the third.

Linklater, who won the Golden Globe, lost momentum after the DGA, which went to Inarritu.

But now, with mainstream devices having biometric technology, the momentum is increasing.

Former employees of momentum told CBC News they make sizable commissions on the campaigns.

So we need the least rolling resistance and we keep it to carry the most momentum through.

693851 The challenge for us now is to maintain that freshness and momentum we’ve built up.”

Winning begets more winning, thus Trump gains momentum, says Laura Ingraham (LauraIngraham.

Most important, the momentum, and the votes, to remake the constitution are no longer there.

Meanwhile, Apple is running out of tricks up its sleeve to keep iPhone sales momentum strong.

The momentum appeared to feed on itself throughout October, mainly at the expense of the NDP.

His left foot got caught in the pine straw as the momentum of the swing carried him backward.

Members of al-Shabab are interested in somehow capturing that or being part of that momentum.

216946 Every time I would get some momentum, start going for winners, it would start raining.”

Ali and Hafeez gave Pakistan early momentum as they batted solidly during their 26-over stand.

Dhoni and Ambati Rayudu did not let the momentum slip as they put on 93 for the fourth wicket.

momentum still used Harvest’s name at its charity drive until Harvest told the company to stop.

The movement rapidly gained momentum and some 7000 cities and towns worldwide are now involved.

The campaign “has started gathering momentum,” the Official Charts Company said in a statement.

We want to seize that opportunity to inject some momentum into the process,” the official said.

There are great initiatives trying to tackle this problem, and they are gaining great momentum.

However, the momentum may not matter since Senate Democrats have vowed to fight the legislation.

The momentum “stunned” Sanders who admitted he could start imagining himself in the Oval Office.

“Hopefully a statement win and that will give us a little bit of momentum going down the stretch.

Wolfsburg will want to keep their momentum going against Frankfurt Is Wolfsburg the new Dortmund?

It expressed alarm that the urban battles have “given the conflict a new, unpredictable momentum“.

With any luck, this cruel escalation will give the Dorne storyline the momentum it needs next year.

Hoping to maintain its sales momentum, GM is updating the Silverado’s look for the 2016 model year.

672941 That was a big play because of the momentum it gave us,” Cowboys safety Barry Church said.”