mirror in a sentence

I may never stop checking my rear view mirror .

Proper mirror adjustment is critical to safe driving.

In those days mirrors were priceless things.

For mirrored bad block tables different patterns are mandatory.

This task more closely mirrors college writing assignments.

Two “horizon mirrors ” were provided.

These provisions broadly mirror those governing marriage.

The mirror is 2″x3″.

The technique of mirror gazing itself is remarkably easy.

The material is super relaxing and very clear mirror .

The whole system is “smoke and mirrors “.

A double mirrored wardrobe provides both hanging and shelf storage.

The simulation model mirrors all four generic strategies.

The mirror is looking much better now.

Figure 38 shows the current mirror state.

He understood mathematically why a spherical mirror produces aberration.

There were mirror walls and train sets.

They are identical but mirror image rides.