mimic in a sentence

Their parrot can mimic their mother’s voice perfectly.

Early symptoms of HIV infection may mimic flu symptoms.

Find someone who hopes to become a millionaire some day.

The new robotic arm can mimic most of the functions of a real arm.

Some animal species mimic less vulnerable species by color resemblances.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once remarked that every man is a borrower and a mimic.

My brother likes to try to mimic a Mexican accent, but he’s not very good at it.

People who are able to mimic others are said to make excellent language learners.

Actor Robin Williams is an incredible mimic, he can sound like just about anyone.

My son can mimic my voice so well that even my own wife can’t tell us apart on the phone.

Boys tend to mimic their fathers, while girls usually mimic their mothers, and they are sometimes marvelous observers.

But for most, these features aren’t enough to mimic the laptop experience.

430124 I wanted to mimic certain tricks that David Fincher did in the film.”””

Samsung Pay can mimic the old-school, magnetic signals produced by card swipes.

Legged robots that mimic the robustness and versatility of animals could be a solution.

But writer Steve Higgins thought having Murphy mimic Cosby would help tie it all together.

26159 Again, I changed it a bit to think about what known diseases mimic my own condition.

To induce photosynthesis, the cabinet-like structure also has LED lights that mimic the sun.

75722 As for the camera, selfie fans will appreciate having the phone’s display mimic a flash.

“There’s a lot about your mother that you resent, yet you mimic her a lot in your life, right?”

E-cigarettes are designed to mimic the real thing, with a glowing tip that emits a cloud of vapor.

The class’ organizers had asked attendees to dress as they would outside, in order to mimic reality.