Milwaukee in a sentence

The Milwaukee Bombers won the 2009 championship. Recommends: July 31 On Milwaukee.

In 1854, the Milwaukee Cricket Club had 150 members.

After Milwaukee race, Purvis was running 7th in points.

The Yankees beat the Milwaukee Brewers 3-0 on Opening Day.

Milwaukee, WI: Hal Leonard Corp, 2001. ISBN 1-55783-467-9.

In every episode, a discreet reference is made to Milwaukee.

Jennie-Lynn was adopted by a couple in the Milwaukee suburbs.

However, only the Milwaukee to Green Bay segment was approved.

The Time of the Trolley, p. 60. Milwaukee: Kalmbach Publishing.

He was a graduate of Milwaukee Riverside High School, with honors.

He is a police sergeant and possibly ex-marine in Milwaukee County.

“Father, Son Together for the Long Run.” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

As part of the deal, Jeff Juden and Marquis Grissom went to Milwaukee.

Employees of the Milwaukee Brewers or Miller Park usually run the race.

As a Milwaukee native, he is credited for keeping baseball in Milwaukee.

Timeline *1977 – Milwaukee Community Sailing Center officially launched.

They used the PDP-11 at the Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) central office.

The catalogs were distributed by the Milwaukee Catalog distribution center.

Around this time, Hamilton met and married Ethel Inez Hughes, from Milwaukee.

The win ends Milwaukee‘s NL record streak of 113 games without a complete game.

It continues along I-43 to Milwaukee where it joins WIS 32 to the state border.

The AL’s other teams were in Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit and Milwaukee.

A paved riverwalk snakes through the city along the banks of the Milwaukee River.

Thom Hemmann,”Removal of Tiles Approved”, Milwaukee Sentinel, Dec 11, 1991, page 4A.

Milwaukee Journal, November 2, 2000. The campaign also had some prominent union help.

Father James Groppi came to their aid, co-chairing the Milwaukee 14 Defense Committee.

This was especially true in the 1880s with the arrival of the Milwaukee Railroad shops.

Prior to Game 7, the Milwaukee media asked Lew Burdette about pitching on two days rest.

Last Updated: Feb. 28, 2001 JS online * Jeff Sherman – NYPD marches in Milwaukee parade.

Fifteen units were produced before a lack of funds forced the venture back to Milwaukee.

Due to his rough past, he commands respect throughout Milwaukee for knowing how to fight.

The Milwaukee Road had the fastest scheduled steam-powered passenger trains in the world.